Friday 3 January 2014

FMP Brief

Outline: to design characters and set from a scene from Conn Igguldens  book wolf of the plains about Genghis khan early life.

Produce: high quality games realistic assets  including characters a horse and small playable environment.  and usable descriptive concepts while keeping a well detailed blog to track my progress including wip’s 

Platform: 360 and ps3

Two Characters 
  • 30,000 tri count including props and Armour within 2048 texture budget 
  • Texture sheets within 2048 texture space including ; diffuse, specular, bump and any others as a bonus
  • Rigged with 28 bone structure and simple animation test rig 
  • Concepts and orthographic designs historically accurate

one armoured horse/pony

  • 15,000 tri count including props and armour 
  • Texture sheets with 1536 texture budget (1024+512) or broken down smaller
  • With rig
  • Concepts and orthographic designs historically accurate

Small playable environment

  • Fitting the tri count of the characters
  • Fitting the texture budget to characters
  • Concepted scene/environment

Tools : 3ds max , zbrush , udk, Photoshop, and an appropriate rendering software

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