Monday 13 January 2014


My idea for this project was a Japanese female warrior and also one of the onna-bugiesha i wanted to design quite a simplistic character. My main focus being more on the everyday house wife trained as a samurai as the research ive done suggested about the onnna-bugiesha. during this project i really wanted to stick strongly to my intial concept and not stray to away from it so throughout the hole project i kept my initial project near by and i think it shows through in my final piece. But i did change slight things form intial idea like the way the robe fell from the belt line and the pattern because, i felt it was to flat in the beginning and i changed the sleaves because it flowed better and gave a interesting silhouette. I had to learn alot of new things this time around to try get my character to the next level by using zbrush and retopologsing and baking, i did encounter several hiccups and had a lot of back and forth throughout the project with these things the main problems i had were getting the high Polly back into 3ds max and retopologsing i tired a few different tools do it but in the end i strip modeled it but it took a big chunk out of time limit which was my biggest issue. But once ide done that baking i found quite easier and gave me a really good starting point for texturing especially the ambient occlusion. at the beginning of the project i set out a week for each big part of the project mesh construction, retop, unwrap and texturing and rigging but it dint play out that way i gave my self such big windows of times because ide be using a lot of new tools during this project and i underestimated how long the back and forth process between zbrush would take. I think though this project gave me a realy good example to base my fmp characters on and the major things i need change in my workflow.
My intended outcomes for this project was to produce a high quality character and im happy with my final outcome i wanted to learn a lot of new things for this project ready for the next and i achieved that. The only things i would like to have worked on more if ide of got my workflows faster or had been given more time is fine tuning most of the project because when i got to every major stage of the project it was taking me to long so i had to rush certain aspects. Mainly my texturing and final rig because those were the part i left myself least time and struggled with the most . but overall im pleased with the final outcome.

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