Thursday 16 January 2014

sculpting updates

I then took the some time going through the model and braking up the symmetry, by adding more detail to the scaring and a broken nose, i also tried to bring in some slight weathering on the skin around the eyes cheeks and scalp where the harsh climate gets the most which i may have made to subtle and could need more work. im trying to sculpt as fast an effectively as possible because want the sculpting phase to be a faster process to keep on schedule so it order for that its need to be fully sculpted by next Monday, so i can start retopolgising.
Working through the sub tools i started detailing from the bottom up i chose to only make one boot to try keep the tris lower ,because at the moment everything is very high because of all the different sub tools. I sculpted the boot trying to keep to my British armourey reference and the boot would be made of boiled thick leather.
Again using my reference all the Armour suits were not made from metal but a very thick leather and fabric weave. So rather than texturing the fabric on to get a better bake i sculpted using the standard brush and built up layers of it.

At the moment i like the way the character looks without the helmet but i want him to be able to carry it round or attach it to his belt or horse or wear it. 

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