Tuesday 21 January 2014


I wanted ti add some detail to the waist line to break up the character torso and to give somewhere for toe lui to be able to attach his sword. Originally i tried masking out a section and building out a belt but i struggled a bit to make it look realistic and so blockey , so i found it easier just to make a quick belt in 3ds max and just make the finishing details and scratches in zbrush. At the moment im enjoying the back and forth between base meshing and sculpting and back again because i find it quicker way to mold things to the way i want them. I also added in a wrapping fabric underneath the belt to stop the wearing of the leather and to add some more diversity in textures.

I want to make one of the thick weaved shields so i made a low polly model and turbo smoothed it so there will less division in zbrush and take less time to sculpt ive found the for the accessory's if i make them in 3ds pretty much how i want it to look the in zbrush i can just fine detail and work into it.

I worked back into the model to try and brake up the shape of the ridges with some noise to stop it looking so uniform and plane because of the harsh climate and viscous lifestyle the mongols lived there weapons and Armour wouldn't be pristine, it would be useful for worn . In the diffuse ill add the fabric weave of the top like in the suit of Armour rather than model because that would be too time consuming  and a good texture with good bump map seems a smarter route.

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