Tuesday 7 January 2014

baking and texturing

 Finishing my sculpt i moved onto working on my game mesh and retopologize it witch took a lot longer for me than i originally thought it would. I tried using a few different tools to best retop it like poly draw in the graphite tools but i dint find accurate enough i found the most successful way was to just manually strip model it.
 I separated my ids into separate meshes so i could bake them individually because i found it easier to tweak. The baking took a long time to bake on my PC but they came out well i did normal pass for my normal's and for my ambient occlusions i did one flat and one with a skylight because i dint think on the flat ao there would be enough definition but a mix of the two gave me a good place to start.

I then just blocked in some color so i could get a feel for my character with the AO. I started with quite plain color's but i don't think it made her look very feminine and made her look very bland ,so brought a bit more color in but still trying to keep it plane to fit the house wife idea of my project.
I wanted to get some of the environment out the way so i can focus on the texturing so from my initial design i added in a simple turntable stand and whats going to be a blossom tree.

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