Tuesday 7 January 2014

fmp updates
toa lui concepts

After the British armory museum i had a good idea of the look of the Armour i wanted to produce for my character. I want to go fro thick heavy weaved fabric to give toa lui and even bigger feel hes already meant to look large but the way hes described , in the book i imagine him very large. it says in the book that hes the best wrestler and strength is unparalleled and from the research ive the really strong wrestler have very thick muscle but not very lean like linebackers, so i want to make him look fat but with alot muscle. I then moved onto some thumbnail's i like the idea of animal fur covering his shoulders over the Armour because the scene will be set in winter so i will need add a lot of clothing. 

 I also did some hair and facial hair design a different scaring ideas to try get a feel for the character , because i know im pretty much set for the body design wise so i need to spend some time designing different accessory's to give him some character. 
One of the things i always struggle with when character designing is portraying an attitude or personality and toe lui described as having a flimsy temper and could flip at any minute so really want to make him look very aggressive and cruel.

My next character temujin is meant to be quite good looking and good guy in the book the person your routing for so i want toe lui to be the complete opposite. i want his face to have quite bad skin and light scaring . In this sketch i tried to show him a bit more chunky and looking more Mongolian.
I also went to the local stables and asked if i could get some take some photos of the horse's. For the later part of my project i did some quick sketches of the horses as well and then took them back and worked over them in Photoshop to do some different Armour and saddles.

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