Friday 10 January 2014


Getting near to the end of the deadline now so i quickly textured the environment and made some alphas still trying to keep the main focus on the character. 

 I also really liked the idea of having falling blossom around the character if i had more time i would put it in udk and do some some effects but instead to keep time constraints im just going to use alphas on the ground and tree to make i look like there falling.
I also decided to put stray hairs because it breaks up the face and make the silhouette more interesting. at the moment i think the fabric need more detail in the textures and the skin complexion is too western so ill need to edit those things.
 One of the things ive been struggling with is texturing some good fabrics so i went back to my mood boards and research and had a good look at the different types they used and took reference images, and tried to bring those through. not much time left so i made some quick prints and duplicated them to get a pattern to bring about more life to the character and i think it helps it pop and not be so bland. 
 now iv finished my diffuse and rendered out a new bump map from that and edited and put it over the bake to get some more detail. On the body diffuse i tried to focus on the cloth textures and make them grainier and sharper.  
 On the face my main focus was bringing out the detail in the hair and skin blemish but using my bake as my main bump.

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