Thursday 16 January 2014

fmp research 

I have been trying to brake down certain relevant character models for the same platform that are to a very high quality like ubisoft's blag flag characters. 

I was particularly interested in how they make the hair for the models because of how realistic it looks it seems that just lots of built up alphas as i thought but just to a very high standard. I i was also looking to see how a higher standard they take there sculpts to before working back in a modeling software.
 I also found out that the triangle count for the main character Edward kenway is 25,000 tries not including props and ive given myself 30.000 tries plus props so i thing its a good target.

temujin update: aged 18 at the point im going to model him captured and beaten up for information tired to a birch tree

in the book it says hes grown tall for a mongol and long wirey muscle "they coudlent be bothered to braid there hair and when they cut it was just enough for hunting".

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