Monday 13 January 2014

FMP updates 
toa lui mesh constructions

toe lui the wrestler this time round on the first character i chose to make a lot simpler base mesh because it slowed my down allot in the last brief and ive found this way more productive.i built my base mesh quite bulky so i can cut in to build shape but i no i want my character to look more like a strong man competitor than a bodybuilder so in the sculpt i layered up some fat around the torso and fat arms.

I want toe lui to look like hes been in some scraps and as a wrestler im going to give him big cauliflower ears and maybe a slight broken nose. One of my main issues is that hes only meant to be around 20 to 25 so still very young and i wanted to add some wrinkles but, from the research ive done because of the harsh climate they have very thick dry skin and deep grooved wrinkles even at that age so ill to get a good mix of youth and wrinkles.

I have found it a lot faster this time to make a few different sub tools from the base mesh and then its easily layered and better organised and is a better brake down of my character. 

Im starting quite simpler for the clothes and im going to build it up in layers staring with Armour boots and wrist bracers and see how it goes but at the mommnt im on schedule.
The eyes are normally one of struggling points and nose and for this project i really want him to look very authentic so im trying to take some time to make the facial features right. The Armour brakes down the silhouette because so thick and heavy and just sloped over the Mongolians and because of how big i want my player to look i think i need to further exadurate the form to relay show toe lui strength. 

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