Tuesday 24 December 2013

British Armory Museum 

 The British Armory Museum in Leeds was very helpful. It has the only full suit and horse of this Mongolian era in England so was great primary research. The only problem I had was taking photos that I could use down the line for textures as  the mongol suits were behind class cases. It still give great reference and will help a lot in concepting my characters. The other cases were open so i did mange to get some textures photos. Some of the photos I took are of a different century  but the museum curator explained how little would have  changed over that time period.
 One of the main things I got from the museum was how different to what I thought the Armour was. It seems that did not use as much metal because it slowed the mongols down too much. Instead they used really thick weave to try to stop arrows penetrating and it is lighter to wear in weight.

 Also looking around at other parts of the museum  I noticed the big difference between British horses and the Mongolian horses. Mongolian horses were bred to be a lot faster and leaner when  compared to the bulky muscular English horse's.
 I also got to see lots of difference weaponry and accessories that they would of used. One of the most interesting of which was was the shields that used, Very little metal just really thick leather with stitched on really thick weave, which I think I could produce some really good assets and textures with these.
 The mongols biggest asset was there ability to fire at high speed from horse back. They had  long curved bows and furiously fought with curved blades and some even with punching knifes. These are just some of the photos I took. I did get some of close ups for texturing and to supply starting points for my models and concepts.

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