Wednesday 18 December 2013

fmp research

It seems that the actual Mongolian era artifacts are hard to find. I started off by googling Mongolian museums and exhibitions in the UK because i thought it would be very beneficial to find and take reference images of real life Mongolian Armour and weaponry. I wanted to give my project a lot more authenticty. I couldn't find much online so I rang the Natural History Museum in London and asked to speak to Asian department. I spoke to the curator in Asian history who explained how there are none in that museum and that there is actually very little in the UK altogether. This is due to  the harsh climate they lived in and how far back Genghis time was (1162) and there's not much left in the world. The climate caused natural disintegration and very little survived over time. Much of what did survive was purchase by US museums and can be seen in the States. However they recommended i try the Royal Armoury Museum in Leeds and the British Museum in London. So i rang the British museum and the Curator there was unable to help, so i rang the museum in Leeds and left a message with there curator who rang back and said they have the biggest collection in UK for Mongolian artifacts and the only real sword in the UK. Much of what they have dates back to 14 century but she explained that not much would have changed in the things they wore and how they lived. She also told me they have a mouted suit of armour on a horse which will be ideal for my project.

royal armary muesum 0203 166 6660
curator:0113 220 1868
British muesum :0207 323 8000

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