Tuesday 3 December 2013


My plan for the vehicle project was to make a a future mustang focusing mainly on the shaders and creating a simple scene and vehicle and looks like my idea of  a hover car , and I think I did achieve what I set out to do . my main goal during this project was to try and show lots of different materials with gloss paint metal combined with future elements mainly showed through in my emissive map which I have done to a good standard. However I did encounter lots of problem’s on the way and had to learn a lot of new things I hadn’t tried to do before im glad I got the environment and vehicle pretty much sorted at the half way stage because the shaders where the part that I had the most problems with  and I had to do a lot of back and forth with my textures to get what I wanted which come as easy as I thought it would my model started of looking far to glossy then for to grimy then roughly in the middle where I wanted it but this project did show me a lot about how important different types of maps work with shaders . and gave me a feel for what professionals project brief have to stick to.
The main thing I would improve of if I had more time would be the overall scene because for me it still doesn’t feel very alive and little plank even with the last minute revision but I understand that wasn’t the main point of the project. I also would of liked to make a better model because in the end I only used 5000 tries only half the amount I could of used so would have been good to build a lot more of the detail then rely on the bump maps details to bring out a lot of things but again ten thousands tries wasn’t what we had to use.
For once during a project I haven’t been really rushed to finish the project I think what really helped this time around was getting the mesh done and environment done very quickly because the second half of the project was the long bit but I think this also helped me to be a lot more productive and speed up my work flow.
I dint relay come into any massive issue just lots of little things I had to try and fix like for about two days I couldn’t figure out to get my materials not to be pitch black and someone showed me it was just the ambient in the material need to be white. Alpha for the glass also gave me abit of trouble I couldn’t figure out to get my interior to show through the glass in the end I found that it was just the order of the id the glass material needed to be a high number id to show the lowered numbered id, a lot of the problem’s I had weren’t really problems just things I need to figure how to do like cube maps and reflection maps and light maps ive done light maps before for engine work but dint realisee I could do the same thing to get nice shadows in 3ds max files once ide figured out how to do them there seem quiet straight forward and are easy to do again so I think they will be useful later but initial figuring out had issues and time consuming.
Overall I learnt a lot of new skills during this project  and I handed everything in on time and completed everything on the brief I could I really wanted to on this project not just to fill in the basic requirements but apply all thing in the brief that were slightly harder and would get me better marks. I did enjoy this project I think I built a good project I would of like to change some things in heinsieght but as learnt of new skills and finished it on time and met all the critea so im happy with my project.

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