Sunday 8 December 2013


carrying on with concepting i moved on to some thumbnailing for different ideas for a character painting i want to keep the painting quite minamalistick so i can focus just on the character. but i do like the idea of blossom tree for my final scene even if it is abit cliche  i think it will look good if i do it to a high standard.  

i think this quick painting has given me a better understanding of my character style but i really need to get on with some modeling so i drew out some orthographic just starting with the base mesh and then ill build it up after with the clothes.

i also did a quick 3d sketch so i can get some color idea out so its all planned for when i get to that point at the movement i quite like the simpler color scheme as it seems more realistic to my character  and seems more like what i  imagined for my housewife samurai .

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