Wednesday 18 December 2013

theme,character bio 

The scene i want to portray is when Temujin and his family have been thrown out from his fathers tribe,the wolfs. 6 years ago he's had to fight the harsh climate and live for his family to keep them alive but now Genghis is 20 and started to  survive and prosper. Now he has built for himself and his family 

a small home for them. He has fortified it in-case they ever get rundown by a mongol tribe. 
The current leader of the Wolfs that outcast temujin when his father died sends his right hand man toe a lui the big wrestler to see if temujin and his family are still alive and if they are to capture them and kill them apart from temujin who he wants brought back alive to be torched and then killed. toe a lui finds temujins camps and gets more then he barged for but in the end temujin sacrifices himself as decoy so his family can get away he gets captured and beaten and tied up while toe a lui rest for the night .

that's the chapter, chapter 6 of the book is want i want to display because i think it has very interesting theme behind it and there's lots of things i could build in my fmp to show through this story. there's a few different points of the chapter i could make my characters from i could do when toe lui fight against temjuin where they'd both be in good condition or where temjuin has bean beaten to a pulp which i think could look very interesting in my finished piece but i think ill make these choices through my concepting process and see what looks best next to each other. 
temujin the future Genghis khan: would be aged 20 and described in the book as bein tall and strong wirey muscle with long hair and scared body. he has described at this point in his life of just having the essintial of life no fancy armour strong rugged cloths to keep out the cold but no luxarys apart from a strong bow matching as good as any top grade bow.

toe lui: is the right hand man of the khan of the wolfs so he is in very good condtion and has the best of everything big thick fancy armour on his already large frame from being a wrestler also around 20 years of age 

war pony: in the book the mongols steeds are refered to as pony not horses from what i can find out is because there better suited to harsh climate but these would be very strong thick muscle fast horse's if i chose to toe lui horse it would be covered in Armour from head to toe where as temujins would just have a sadle.

small environment: would have a small gare (large mongol tent) with a tree line and fortification's 

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