Tuesday 3 December 2013

ubisoft character brief 
female warrior 

my task is to produce a female warrior, from India, Africa, China or Japan. She can originate from any point in history up until the present day.

my initial thoughts are that alot of the characters i want to produce of from the same background as what i want to do for my fmp Asia near so im not sure yet whether to do something very far away from my fmp or something slightly similar to give me an idea of what im up against.
but first things first moodboarding. 

i started by moodboarding women warriors from all the different areas we can work from the ones that really stood out to me are the Japanese women i realy like the idea of really elegant warrior. so i did some research into female warriors culture and found the onna-bugeisha known as women samurai but i dint really like the idea of doing a heavily armored women as i will be making allot of Armour in my next project and i wanted to stick to this idea of elegant silent warrior but i kept on reading and it seems that onna-bugeisha  were over exaggerating samurai and really were house wife's taught from a young age in combat to protect there households. so i really like the idea of these quite lightweight warrior protecting their home so i moved onto so thumbnails.  
if my samurai is is house wife as well i need to design a mutli-purpose outfit one she can fight in or look after the house in im thinking heavy cloth / thick kimono but i may change it to something more elegant i want to design a beautiful hard faced woman. i moved onto some alternative hair design because will make a big difference in my character i did some more outrageous hair design but i like the first few as there quite simple and have a more every day look to them.
as my character is not of the geisha there wont be any white makeup or to clean which i think will help make her look like an authentic warrior. 

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