Saturday 21 December 2013

Mesh Construction

Once I finished my orthographics I quickly moved on to my base mesh. Not being too careful with my topology as I will be retopologising it. Anyway I started by just building the body and using symmetry to make it easy for me to sculpt on. Then I can make the character unique in zbrush and then build the clothes base around the character so  i can start getting some good folds in the thick cloth.

I'm not very fast in zbrush yet so it took me a while to sculpt through the different levels of divides. One of the main issues I had with my character was trying to get her to look oriental. Her nose and mouth looked very western to begin with. I then took some reference photos of clothes and used mirrors to see how the pressure would pick up the cloth, especially because I wanted to make gathered.
I would of liked to have spent more time detailing the mesh and focusing on more of the textures but ive been spending too much time on it and really need to push it onto the retop phase. I did some research on different ways on how to do it and there is a new plugin in zbrush , zremesher. I tried playing around with that but it still made my model too dense and was catching the vital areas like i needed it to like the nose loops eyes and mouth. I can see how it would be very useful but for what I want I think the best route is to manually retopologise it. 

final sculpt
zremesh topology 

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