Sunday 8 December 2013

FMP Genghis khan

wolf of the plains ghengus khan i chose to this book because it has some really interesting characters that look very dynamic and think it if the idea had a team behind would be a game i would be very interested in. i would of like to have worked on a group project so that we could of had elements to work on and build some really interesting work because although i want to do characters for my project i like the idea of working with some environment in the project and  maybe some animals instead of a character like one of the war ponys that are covered in thick Armour and the red eagle ghengus father has but i realize that that is alot of work for my time period so i think if gave two months to two characters , ghengus khan before he was khan aged 20 and toea looey  the big young wrestler and then two weeks to the animals and two weeks to a small playable environment.
i want to build a sort of set with rigged characters i think that would give me a really good project with alot of interesting elements i think ide rather have a brief where i could exell at depending on the time frame.

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