Tuesday 26 November 2013

glass and interior

been trying to get my glass material where i want it and trying to get the interior sorted so i started by playing with the alphas for glass i wanted a sort of tinted feel to the window so i painted in the alpha to show more transparency at the top like a limo window to give a more pimped up look.

i also needed to change the material of the interior because at the moment the seat inside were showing high levels of reflection which isn't what i want to show i want me seat to be quite a flat leather look with just small bits of reflection. i couldn't figure out how to get the material to show up on the interior without using the first id i manged to figure out that it needed to be under the glass id and after that it worked fine and gave it a much more realistic look.

i think my vehicle materials are nearly done now  ive manged to get the right level of reflection i wanted but at the moment my metal is still looking flat so ill need to tweak that some more.

 Now at the end of the project I actually have a little time to really polish things up i deiced to make a lightmap I did that and then painted over the top of it to get soe soft shadows once did this I wasent realy happy with my cube map so I redid it with the lightmap and came out a lot better. Finishing touches I went back and added in some posters to the environment and opened the garage door so you can see out into my level and I think  just those litle things added more divesity to my level which was looking abit bland.  I also went in and did some finishing touches on texures and emissive map realy trying to get the vehicle to pop out the scene.

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