Wednesday 20 November 2013


finaly starting to get somewhere with the shader's the past couple days  ive been working with the vechile and environment shader's and focusing on finishing texturing mainly for the environment so its out the way. so far my main thing is lots of litle tinkering with the textures and shaders ive found you need to do the shader's in quite specific way otherwise i struggle to get it working. the main thing i need to rember is that all the screen shots will be taken in side my scene and not from above view because its confusing with the shader's focusing everything one sided but once i got my head round that and flipping some stuff and re ranging the scene so it works better its ok. 

also struggling to get my speculer map to work braking down the example scene there is a spec map in the level but when ticking on and of doesn't make a huge difference so i do need to tweak around with that now ive added my first draft bump map i can see how it changes the reflections im trying to use the bump maps to help get the light to bounce of it like dirt or galvanized metal look and trying to keep the gloss down.  

 i also decided to use long strip light because i think it will give me some lone nice reflections rather than two detailed squared the moment my scene looks pretty bair im hoping i can get a big bulk out of the way this weekend depending on how many errors and tweaking i run into so i can flesh out my scene more. because its a hover car i want some neon lights like the example scene so looking how the example scene was made i made my own alpha glow with some ilimuention i may add a light in as well to make it bounce of the environment more as well an emisive. 
 i also decided to block of the environment so its a closed garage i did this because i want to give the impression of dinky rundown garage if i have time i want to add in grime alphas and maybe some water puddles from a drip roof. but i think for my car to fit in im going to have to mess it up some more still far to clean.

the bump map brings nicer light reflections then before but i still think it needs alot of work it still to me coming of as very plastic also once ive got my own cube map in there i think my scene will look allot better. 

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