Thursday 7 November 2013

vehicle project initial ideas

initial ideas reading over the brief i i think i want to get abit simpler with the design on the this project a straight forward simple design so i can really focus on the shaders. so my initial though was a hover bike like the idea of a hover vehicle because i can take away the wheels and really focus on the metal textures and its reflections and also a good excuse to use neon lights to show it hovering and to show through on the emissive maps.
 after some thought i decided on doing a hover car instead because i relay like the idea of doing a future car from mustang or corvette and redesigning it as hover vehicle.  

so i did some mood boards and sketches at the moment im leaning more towards a mustang but i can still take elements of the design from the corvette ive decided to go with and older sting ray mustang because i think will come across better as hover car with its smaller sleeker design.
still trying to work with the very simple smooth design im also toying around with themes and paint jobs whether to do a classic black stripes race car to show more of the original design or to do a souped up cop car.

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