Monday 18 November 2013


final paint over and color scheme in the end i decided to go for a rundown classic yellow and black stripes because i think i fits the theme that i wanted to go for.and also wanted to a neon baby blue and i think my design flows quiet nicely and doesn't look aggressive but looks like its powerful. 

i plugged in the shaders and using the example cube mape just so i could get a feel on the base color with the gloss on. at the moment with just the basic shader' on it looks far to glossy for my design im going to have to figure out how to get a grimy shine i think ill be able do it through the spec and diffuse maps especially the spec because i get some nice bounce light or rained on murky stains stains in the cap paint because i think that looks better then the ultra glossy show car.

ive also started to think about the environment something quite simple maybe a simple suburban american garage looking out on the open Terrance ide like to be more elaborate with the surrounding but the first priority is the vehicle shaders i plan to build the environment quickly so if  have time i can come back to it later.

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