Saturday 9 November 2013


know i no i want to a future mustang i drew out some ideas and then drew out some orthographic so i can start a base mesh and do some paint overs i really want the car to have a classy feel like as if it was an relic in the future world a very old car compared to what are driving round in there . i think ill try and show the classy style through the paint job and really shiny like someone been taking very good care of there classic car.  
once i had my design down i moved on to thumb-nailing  different accessory for the car like different types of hoods and bumpers front and back. and exhaust just really quick thumbnails to get an idea of things i could ad to make my car more interesting.

i then did did a quick block out and render out some shots and did a paint over  so i can get a feel for the paintjob and textures i want to paint on im then going to push these further and do several color layouts 

once i had my orthographic's down ive started strip modeling my mesh i need to try keep a variation in hard edges for the windows and soft surfaces for the hood my preferred way of modeling is box modeling because i find i can see what im building and how to mold it easier but i think strip modeling works better when trying to get nice flow lines in vehicles. now ive blocked out the main part of my car i need to pay attention to smoothing groups but doing that now its all looks fine smoothing groups and mix of using relax really helped smooth out my model.
i tried playing with the nurms to get higher polly mesh but i found that even with controlling the smoothing groups still smoothed my mesh out to much an think the geometry is unneeded as it says in breif that 10'000 tries is not requirement. 

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