Wednesday 20 November 2013

fmp ideas

my fmp ideas hace changed alot my mind seems to go through so many idea i cant stick with one but i did come across the idea of a bigger gang character project i relay like the idea because the characters are so cool and thought about i could get alot reference through tattoos shops i could make alphas which could look really good. but i was getting ahead of my self before ide even started the main problem was i dont the think the project had enough direction or design to just go of and design biker character seemed abit pointless with no story to so after feedback i did some research and found a book about biker characters called under and alone about a biker enthusiast working for the ATF and goes undercover and SPOILER ALERT takes down multiple people in the biker gang  i like the idea and thought i could take it somewhere but after feedback it was pointed out that a game just came out about a biker gang which put me of slightly was also pointed out that all the character are quite similar in build  and age.

so i went away brainstorming new ideas i like the idea of doing something real like a culture in history biker gang or much father back so i did some research and tried to find some good book about famous empires and i found a book called wolf of the plains, about the story of ghengus khan which really intrigued me because the mongols are very interesting people especially around that time. 
i started reading the book and its very good and has allot cool characters with alot of diversity more that i originally thought . before getting carried away with the story i did some moodboads to try and get a feel for the characters i could design.

after mood boarding i found there's alot of room for me to concepts some really interesting characters and after going through more of the book there's alot of very descriptive text.
i have a few different ideas for my project revolving the book there quite a few scenes and characters i could pick from because to book ranges when ghengus khan is 10 to 20 starting from his childhood to when he concurred the plains and made the mongol nation. i really like the idea of modeling a scene from the book so i wouldn't just have characters for my fmp but 1 or 2 characters and environment work of about a months work's, or im also considering doing one of the war pony's fully kitted out instead of character. 

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