Tuesday 26 November 2013

maps and shader's

finaly have all my shaders working together fine recently ive just been trying to polish up all my maps seeing how they work with the shaders i decided to take my bump level down abit because it was making the light bounce to cracked and not smooth enough i still want the water stained look but it was to much at the time but with abit of back and forth ive got alot closer to how i want it to look. i also moved on to making my own cube map with my strip lights i may have to redo it but for now its working how i want it to showing the long lines of line which is what i wanted in my scene. it took me a while to figure out how do a cube map because the shaders make the renders gray-scale in the end i saved of a new version just for the cube map and used normal material just for the shaders. 

 i also played around with my alpha in the cube map to see what results i could get for the high dynamic range i tried doing different lines across it to get a galvanized look on my car paint but i dint like how it looked so i tried to focus on simple lights and i think it cam out alot better. 

putting some time into my emisive map i think really made my model pop out abit and makes it alot more interesting especially since its mend to be a hover car. i still have abit to do with the environment light maps and such but im happy with the rate its going and im on schedule. 

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