Wednesday 30 October 2013


for my base lighting my main directional light i wanted it to come from the moon and maybe even animate it depending on time so i carried on using my nodes for my sky box and built a sun an edited it until it look like a moon a grey an blue moon with low level detail because there's clouds that cover it most of the time. which so far i think is giving some really interesting dynamic shadows bouncing of my pillars and crane especially i placed my sun above the crane so that i can get some good metal silhouette shadows.

but all my assets have little lighting and is lucking very dull so i started playing around with directional lights and point lights out of my flood lamps but the problem is they just show the light on the floor which inst what a flood lambs look like you can see big rays from flood lambs which also cast quite nice sharp shadows. so i played around with a few different ways but the only way i could get it to work was using cone meshes as the light and using alphas to show the light fading away.

which gives it a much sharper out come know i just need to scatter them about and play with the angles to get some dynamic shadows.

 now ive placed the flood maps after a quick assessment and from feedback i think that my level for a night scene is still abit dark so i need to tweak the sky dome and moon. i think the clouds are abit to bright for a night scene and need to be allot darker or near to no clouds and i need to bump up my star's. i now need to start thinking about the  surrounding environment and low Polly sky scene i think im going to use bit from my meshes to make some skyscrapers and maybe some low Polly building blocks if my texture budget will allow it i might just have some really low Polly building an low resolution textures. 

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