Friday 11 October 2013

goals and aspirations and initial fmp

final year of game art at dmu has come and this year will be allot more independent and specialized to what i want to do in the industry where i would like to work. over the time ive been on the course i feel like what i enjoy the most about it is characters and concept art , and the more conceptual side of game art because i don't think environments are my strong point. i think all the technical thinks that come with environment art arnt for me i understand i need environment work in my portfolio but this year i really want to focus on my character art .so i need to start planning my fmp something that will show of my skills to the best of my ability. 

fmp idea's 

i know i want to do 3 characters so that i can really push my self . i like the idea of doing an animal instead of one of the characters could be fun like a pet but to early to tell my first thoughts for ideas are.

a boxing characters fmp about boxing legends Muhammad ali ,mike Tyson and sugar ray and  hall of farmer's
or just Muhammad ali vs joe Frazier and instead of a third character i would do the ring and the home gym but im not sure whether the it would be able to keep my attention for the amount of time.

at the moment my favorite idea is redesigning training day from the original screenplay really sounds interesting to me because both characters are so different but very classic good cop bad cop with a twist. instead of a third character ide like to do Alonzo's car because its such a cool car i and i think it would bring more variation to my portfolio. 
i manged to find some link's for the screenplay and i think there's allot of room to design the characters from 
the screen play lots of script of ideas of the characters i can use 

JAKE HOYT, a fit young
man, rolls over,Jake, scrubbed, shaved, in T-shirt and jeans, studies   the gleaming badge, snaps it in its case, clips it to his
belt.  He tosses a duffle on the counter.  Searches
through the police gear.  Lisa taps a police baton on his
shoulder.  He takes it.

DETECTIVE SERGEANT ALONZO, in a flannel shirt, reading
the paper in a booth.  The gun leather tough LAPD vet is
a hands-on, blue collar cop who can kick your ass with a
and there just some of the descriptions that are giving in the opening scene of the screen play so i think there,s allot i could do with this project.

future solider 

my third idea i have is to design two characters with some high Polly weapons to make up for not having a third character i like the idea of a sniper team with 30 years in the future a stealth team or the plain solider in different environments and different bases like army  and  navy or air force 

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