Wednesday 16 October 2013

level layout and play-though 

for a while ive been thinking that the layout of my level needs tweaking so i started to asses my level so far and i realized i had made the mistake that it wasent impossible to access the third floor of my level, because for some reason i have missed out a step in my construction stairs. and i dint like how you could just miss out a huge chunk of level by just walking up to the third floor so instead of just adding more flights of stairs i enlarged the ground floor added a flight of stairs on the other side. that take you to the top to floors so i can have some assets blocking out the middle of my floors and push the player round all the floors which will also make my level seem allot longer and more to play through.

which i think is much better way to move through the map and will make my map allot more interesting i also need to think about ways to close of certain parts of the stairwell.

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