Monday 14 October 2013

asset building 

at the moment my level is very empty and my main priority is filling it with asset's focusing on how to play through the map i started with the most important big assets like my boarded stairs and scaffolds at the moment i am working on the big assets like big pipes and planks because they can brake up the level the easiest but cant be duplicated as much.  i want to using mainly tilling texture as much as possible because we don't have the biggest texture budget and i know need the space more down the line for my texture, and if i use my textures sparingly ill have more detail i can vertex paint or alpha in to make my textures more diverse and unique later , for my textures want a good mix of clean textures and dirty because it is as construction site so all the assets that they would be building with would be new and clean but the raw elements that you wont see of the building like piping and wood can be dirty because there in a busy workplace and wouldn't be seen in the finished version of the skyscraper.
remembering also when texturing that all the concrete is exposed to the elements so there would be wet mold and rust on the cracks and corners of my asset's
my rooftop was very empty and looks very dangerous to work on as you could just walk of the map so i built big boards to enclose the rooftop so it looks more real stick that people would be working on there . also iv began the start of my texturing that i need to do as i go to make sure i am working efficiently and i need to remember when texturing the impression of people working on the site like dent and dirt, footprints and maybe sandwich boxes for the workers .
using modular assets and tillable textures i manged to fill my level out so its not as bare ,there's still allot of assets yet to be built but it definitely looks allot better with abit of business  using prefabs i scattered these the assets about in preliminary positions for today.  

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