Wednesday 23 October 2013

assets updates and interactive elements 

less than two weeks left of the project now and i really need to fill out the map with last of assets on every floor i also need to begin blocking parts of my map of from the player to push him round the staircases.
i modeled some cement bags because its assets i can easily duplicated to fill out my level and then and cement mixer but i don't want to use that mesh to much as it more unique but will make the map look very samey if there two many.

 i also made some flood lights because at the moment i have no source of light other than the sun and as i want it to be a night scene i need some lights and i wanted fog lights because i think it will add  more interactivity to the level and look more realistic and less flat. 

today my main goal was to finish all my meshes apart from little details i can add with later. so far iv reached a tri count in my scene 17,283 which is allot better than i originally thought because allot of my level is very modular set up so i thought i would have small tri count but i think i underestimated my crane count and because iv modeling so high i need to make sure that ill be able to climb up there either through jumping up on to the swinging crane lever or i could make a platform from the top floor that could connect you to the top. 

 today i have manged to rig my crane to swing back and forth which was allot easier to do than i expected i just took the opening door tutorial and changed it for my crane and put my trigger at the start of the level so as soon as you press play it will start to move  slowly to keep it realistic.

my plan is to start of in the elevator with a spawn point and a trigger to start and make the elevator go up to the first floor and then you get out and explore my level but the problem im having at the moments is moving my elevator its straight forward enough to get you from the bottom floor to the top, but the way ive built is that its a walk in elevator the way to make a mesh move you have to change a collision to block all which wont let me get in iv tried playing with different setting but all i get is no collision so you fall of the map and block collision with no access, so this is what i really need to sort out or find another alternative to having my elevator like a platform with a cage like an window washers skyscraper lifts. 

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