Monday 21 October 2013

crane update

my crane seems to be coming along nicely iv almost finished it now at the moment thought i don't the think  the crane is long enough and doesn't very realistic because its so tall would seem strange to be so short width ways so i lengthened the mesh and since i used unwrapped one i could just move along the cross pieces to fill the gap quite easily.
 i detailed out the crane some more to fill out more and give it a better silhouette from the top down view because i thought it was also looking a bit flat, and also gave a control box and the hook, that i might use as a climbing point in the game so the player could access the crane if he wanted to. but as the crane metal is using a tillable texture im going to use a multi sub object for the details of the crane. 

im also going to use instances of my metal texture for the crane with color parameters to save more texture sheets for my assets that i need to fill out the map, im using one metal texture with a red instance and yellow to make up the crane textures.  

 but at the moment my crane color are flattening the texture maps abit so i need adjust the nodes with multiply and such to get more realistic and detailed texture. 

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