Thursday 31 October 2013

finishing touches
 now ive come to the end of the project i started grabbing  all my high resolution textures and reducing them to the texture budget and i found that if i wanted i could use reduced some of my smaller less important textures and use more unique texture sheets so i assessed my map and really dint like metal textures on the crane and i think instead of using copy's of the textures and minuplating the nodes for the textures i could make three smaller better detailed textures because i find using nodes blurs the texture and almost white washes it when you change colour. 

 i also so put some more focus in to the background by using blocks of parts and skyscraper building parts to but far back in the fog so you can see a sort of city skyline. and i also duplicated the crane because was one of my original ideas a city scape in construction not just one building.

 i also went in a tried to put some more detail that was relative to the player in size  and playing with nodes because some of my specular and bump maps were looking to detailed an noisy and some thinks like wood were to bumped and came to far offset so using lurp nodes i managed to get a more realistic look.

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