Monday 28 October 2013

final week
have now reached my final week of the rooftop project iv got allot to do but not an unrealistic amount in 5 days, this week my mane focus is to finish bits and pieces of and then focus on lighting the level and play through lots of tweaking, and making sure everything fits the brief  i manged to fix my elevator by fixing collision and editing it  so that it was more like an open elevator so you can see round the level as you rise otherwise id of had to make an elevator that closed round the player and ide of to animated in parts and think this way gives a more dynamic view of the map when you spawn and saves on texture space as im using instances of my textures. 
 editing fog so that im getting some light shafts dropping down from the crane which hopefully when i make a revolving moon the lighting will look realistic and also cranes have little spotlights  along the crane to help the player along the map. 
after playing around with the mist setting so that the player doesn't spawn in complete fog i moved on to making my sky box my idea is a night scene so will have lots of man made lighting  i wanted a dark cloudy night with starts above so i took photos in the day and edited them and added in star's for the main texture and for the moving clouds i played around with mask's and brushes did i got something that i liked and felt that goes well with the amount of fog i want in my map .
iv also started building ways to get up onto the crane i also built some ladders  so you can get to the controls of my crane. also have made the rope hook climbable to make the map more fun and give it options of how you would like to play through the level.

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