Wednesday 16 October 2013

crane play-through

my main job today is to start my crane and maybe the base for my elevator i though about building the crane in a few different ways but i think the way its built modular assets would work well, especially for the base parts which wont be moving for the main bit of the crane that will be rotating im going to use ids and mix between already made tillable textures and unique low textures for the smaller bits like the controls system and the actual dolly lift. 

i just modeled one block of the base and used instance's and build the big rotating crane separatly i want to keep the rotating meshes all attached because i think it will make it easier for me when trying figure out how to make things move in my level

now i have fleshed out my map im starting to think about ways to go through my map and i now have made some of the crane and my thought was instead of having a low Polly crane and spawning in the elevator i could make the task to get to the elevator like a robbery stealth mission it sound a bit out there but i like the idea of modeling a parachute hanging of the end of the crane as if you would parachuted in a stealth mission and landed on the crane. because i think ide find it very hard in my time frame to build a way to get up the crane i don't know the purpose of the game would be to get up there would be maybe a sniper point but i like my idea better because i think its possible more original . 

so i tried to come up with a few variation of ways to move through my map so not just to get stuck with one idea.  

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