Saturday 12 October 2013

blitz rooftop
initial ideas and research 

my first thought was to a rooftop based around a water tower, a very suburban rooftop with graffiti and grime everywhere and maybe , even a skate ramp or two. because i thought it would be quite different from what allot of people would be doing. 

so i started my design progress and gathered lots of reference of water towers trying to think about different layouts and silhouettes. once i had a rough idea of what i wanted to do i started some thumbnail with white boxes
 focusing on shape and trying to put lots of cover into the level i tried out a sort of pent house sweet rooftop and with an aligning building with water towers and generators on it, which i think looks interesting but abit to small for my rooftop and not enough going on in comparison.  

 i manged to narrow it down to one of my original thumbnails which i think is more dynamic from every angle and adds some more intersting  height to the level rather than on a similar plane. and some advertisement on billboards could be interesting. 

i think if i make the player spawn on the pink balcony out of a door could be interesting to push the player up the map and see more of a range of the map then starting at the top on a similar height so you can see the whole level as soon as you spawn which i don't think would be as interesting to play through.

i spent a day working through idea and after sleeping onit and reading through the brief some more i think i can do a better idea that's fits it better because i don't think at the moment the interactive assets would be very interesting and don't make my level very fun to play through .so back to brain storming i came up with the idea of a construction site.
  i think with this idea i could do more interactive elements like and elevator that goes up the side of the building for the start point and a big crane over above to bring some life to the scene. 

 so starting the design process again i came up with there be more work than the previous idea but i really want to push my self on this project as what i can achieve. the block out is alot simpler but i think for the actual mesh when it is all built with stairs to every floor it will be more interesting. 

after a quick assessment i need the building block's of the level to be more interesting so i changed the shape of the sky scrapper to be more aesthetically pleasing. my plan is to use alot of modular assets to bulk out the level so i can focus alot on the crane my only worry is that ill have to many tries unused and not be able to get upto the budget because all my meshes on the construction site are very boxes in essence and don't have very high levels of detail. at the moment the level is looking very repetitive but hopefully once i start getting some assets spread about it will look allot better.
my plan for the surrounding environment is to be low down buildings in the backdrop and maybe a duplicated crane in the distance i want there to be enough fog around the base of the level so it look like it just keeps going down so i don't have to worry to much about the bottom of the level ,and to show the height of the level.
my initial concept piece to give me a quick feel of what i want it to look like and to give me an over view of how many assets i need to build to really fill this map out i really want to do a night scene and have some fog lights darted about also to help guide the player  through the interesting bits of my level and to hide the lesser.  

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