Monday 3 February 2014


the main things that were said in my feedback were my folds on the clothing especially the trousers and boots dint look correct, also the hands look to small and the neck and spine look to straight and would look better with a more aesthetic curve. 
And that i may have trouble rigging the shoulders and may want to break them up some more to make it easier to rig which was one of my worries in the begging. I had set myself to finish this character by Friday so over the weekend i can finish my concepts for temujin and start modeling on Monday. So my main job tomorrow is to fix the trousers wrinkles and get it back in 3ds and retoped so i can keep texturing. Im also going to go back and put some more time into my loops because i have a lot of unneeded topology and some places lacking. I think even if i haven't manged to fully complete toe lui by Friday ,im going to starts my second so i don't miss out on two of my deadlines and still keep working on the first characters touches as i go along.

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