Tuesday 25 February 2014

baking and texturing

Finishing my retopolgy i moved on to adding certain things to the game mesh and instead of leaving hair to the end of this process i took some time early to make the hair alphas because there a lot longer on the second character and more important to the the diversity of this character.

Once ide finished my retopolgy i baked down my highpolly detail to low polly i separated the parts out like the head torso and trousers ect and they layered them up in Photoshop so ide have less errors and cleaner bakes.
My main issues i think when texturing the face will be making him authentically beat up and getting the cuts and bruising to look as real as possible, I am also going to make some cavity maps just to emboss more of the cuts in the face to gets some nice sharp edges to the deep ones.
I decided to reduce the game mesh tri count overall for this one because it will be easy to iterate through and because his clothing is a lot lighter and simpler than the first because hes minimalist character that hes been beaten. i also made his weapons and accessory's that he could possible use or have with him that would more likely be in the level with his gear or thrown across the map. 
screenshot of blocked out texture 

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