Monday 3 March 2014


Once i got the base down for the texturing i started adding some basic color detail like hair and bruising. For  face i think the main aspect that is really gonna bring out his damaged parts of the face from reference of beaten up people the and looks very wet and shiny which the specular will be used to bring that out.
Once the base color are down the main focus is making the characters look unique next to each other so anything i can do to make them look the same theme but different im going to try and do.
 The color at the moment both look very bland so and boring so getting some reference i got and took some color palettes and made some changes to make temujin pop more  and then once the colors and detail is done ill add in damage and dirt to make him more realistic. 

 I sent of screen shots of my work for feedback and got some good feedback the main thing was bring out the colors more and changing little things to make the silhouette more interesting. and to bring the skin tones up because there looking to dull and desaturated .
 These are screenshots of my work before and after some of my feedback i think for temujin though the color still need to be brought out more.

I also took some more time on the alphas on toe lui face because the hair style and the alphas wernt looking very realistic so i put in slightly more geometry because they were looking to flat. i think although i wont both characters to look very different i want to add slight bruising on toe lui because he had to fight temujin to capture him and dint come away unscathed.

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