Wednesday 19 March 2014

horse update

Final sculpt turnaround's im quite please with my horse and Armour and i think fits in well with my project, well after feedback of the sculpt the main was that the head was broad and neck dint look slender enough which may be true to the breed but to help it read better to general public i tapered in the neck abit to make it look more like everyone is used to seeing.

Retopolgy went well i think after working on two characters my work flow from 3ds max to zbrush and back and retop has become alot more efficient, i had to be careful with the loops thought because i know i want the horse to have a good animation will no deformation so i spent some time keeping it  clean. but before finishing texturing im going to rig and get a test animation on the horse while working on the textures at the same time.
Once i finished the retop and unwrapping i put a first color pass down and dropped it in to udk ti get a feel for the scale and ive found cutting out playing with materiel in 3ds because its just a longer process when its going to be viewed in udk.

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