Friday 7 March 2014

rigging and engine

I decided to put my characters in udk before carrying on with anymore texturing or rigging to see how looks with lighting and see the major changes i need to make. im quite pleased so far how they look in engine the lighting makes them look a lot better then the default 3ds max viewport. 
rigging at first the rig looks quite amusing and terrible i used the simple fairy dance bip animation just to see the major problems with the rig. Once i tackled those issues i decided to pose the character in the position he will be in the level and then carry on rigging around that because he wont be standing and will be tied up with a simple struggling and head movement animation. 

I quickly imported a test pose just see how it looked in the scene not the final rig just looking into how to get the animation into udk.

my first test animation went slightly wrong because i fully rigged without using bone tools so,when i went through the tutorial to get animation in udk was to late but lucky it was only a test rig so i quickly made another test rig and did a quick animation and got it working in scene. and it works fine so now i no how to it i need to decide on some poses and final animations to how i want to present it in the final product.

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