Friday 28 March 2014

This weeks task was to get my environment blocked out with the majority of the assets and interactivity i want to have in my finished level in so that i can tweak later on. my first task i want back and started a new terrain because the original was always just a rough test, And i then helped to block out the scene with some foliage using the terrain brush and the foliage brush to get a natural placement look and dropped in a test gare because that will be a big vocal point in the level.
Once i roughed out the level i know i want allot of subtle movements to bring my level to live so made some wind material to hit grass and trees which  helps add some life.

Snow particles was one of my original ideas for my level and really makes the level allot more dynamic and brings more atmosphere. And the fire and moon to be the main light source which i think  could bring some very dynamic lights contrast from the deep red fire mixing with the blue moon.
After some feedback it was pointed out that the saddle and Armour are hard to read because there not much depth or color range so i gathered reference and did a paint-over to try and get some different color schemes and see what i could come up with. 
Looking at reference it seems there saddle were allot more vibrant and interesting than i original thought, so i need to try get some of these nice colors to come through and pop, which i think should bring a nice contrast to the environment.

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