Wednesday 19 March 2014

environment paint overs

I wanted to do some really quick paint-over's to try get a feel for the mood and lighting  in my level and sense of what assets i will need to populate my map. At the moment my level seems to bright and i like the idea of night scene with snow falling and the campfire being the main light and maybe some moonlight.

If i find time i think it would be really interesting to have trees moving in the wind snow falling and fire from camp site. which is allot to try and achieve in two weeks but i think if i prioritize my asset and time i can do it especially if leave some of the interactive level parts to be polished in the polish time iv gave myself.

 In the book temujin camp is up hidin away in a Forrest mountain of the plains so that passing by mongols wouldn't kill them but as a safeguard hes set up defenses around the tree line so that his family could escape while provides a distraction which lead to him getting caught.
which does leave an opportunity for some interesting assets depending on time, but my assets in level will be the gare the camp fire and foilege around the level to frame it.

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