Monday 7 April 2014

polish time and environment updates

Now all my first pass of all my major assets have been completed; characters, horse , environment i need to do a second pass at all my major assets mainly texturing detail to really bring together my hole project and bring a higher quality to my overall work. 
 One of the main things that realy is going to make my project work is the level mood and how dynamic it is and  bringing life to my scene the two things I've been trying to work alot on, in my level so far but at the moment its still hitting  what i want.
 First i started with the lighting i watched some tutorials on night lighting because up until now ive been having a lot of light bouncing of the snow and is making the level look very shiny. So i tweaked the levels of my snow document so it doesn't read so white and i played around with the world properties lighting color a lot, so i could get something a lot more dramatic and then tweak it after to get a more subtle look.

 At the moment the red lights are still looking to fake but i think its a step in the right direction.
And is also providing more contrast and color which will make it pop.

One of the things i thought my level was missing was more silent narrative to guide the viewer through my scene and keep it interesting. So i decided to change the layout of the level so there are more places to walk through i like the idea of walking through a dark forest and almost seems like your finding clues that are leading up to something, the center of my level the main vocal point. to give another vocal point and so i went back to the chapter in the book im working from and one of the first things that happens is temujin horse/pony gets shot with arrows. So i took my horse model and posed it as if its dead using my rig and then just changed some of Photoshop layers to make it look like a different horse, which dint take me long as I'd done all the leg work and dint want to spend to much time on it as its not key to my level.
 It was also pointed out to me that the fire looks a little dead and dull so to impact the environment more and bring some more life to it i gave it a flickering animation in the kismet that changed the light quickly and the radius on a loop which gives a realistic effect.
 As well as my character and fire i made a cheap alphaed eagle to fly over my level just to try help bringing some life in
 I also thought what would be quite cool to have is flies buzzing around the horse I've been playing around a lot in the past week tinkering with animation and particular effects so i thought I'd try a mix of both a particle effect moving in circle animation, to try get the effect i am looking for but it doesn't seem to want to do what i am thinking of but also not wanting to waste time will have to be something i may come back to.

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