Monday 3 February 2014


retopolgy i started by re-meshing some of my sub-tools to get a good start for my topology because the diversion had made my sculpt very high and dense so using z re-mesh i went through parts of the mesh like the trousers and shorts built some topology, the issue i kept having was zremesh would rap loops around the sculpt in spirals not closed loops which would produce bad topology and be very awkward rigging. so i edited some more and playing with the option i got it to make some good loops which i have edited in 3ds max to get what i want.
originally i tried using zremesh and using the topology tool to place my edges but i found the best way was to just strip model it and use a mix of strip modeling and turbo smooth to get it too look smooth through the mesh.

making sure i have the right loops going through the face and getting a few five points where the loops go through each other.

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