Monday 10 February 2014

After my feedback my first job was to rework the trousers because they were looking very clumpy and unrealistic. Originally i started be reworking the old sculpt but i found it alot easier and better time wise just deleting the old one getting some good first hand reference and starting again.
I also went back and found some more research for Mongolian boots and revamped them because they were looking very dull and looking boring and dint actually look like there was a foot inside the boot so it helped to thicken the calf's outs which also helped to make him look less top heavy.

Once i retoped the new parts of the mesh i made some cavity maps to realy make the Armour pop out because at the moment its all blurring and looks very soft. 
Now the legs are looking allot better i reworked some of the loops in the spine so he has a more aesthetic spine and i separated the shoulder plates from the torso Armour hopefully to help with rigging so it will deform a lot better.

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