Friday 21 February 2014


finishing my sculpt i moved on to retopolgising mainly focusing on strip modeling because i have a more controlled outcome. And ive found it a faster work flow strip modeling the hole mesh rather than tweaking zremeshed parts and a better outcome because ive found zremesh smooths the silhouette a lot and doesn't have any sharps edges which is what im after in certain places.

My main focus is keeping the loops tidy flowing around the face an braking up the symmetry for the bruising like in the sculpt and adding some more detail in the big cuts rather than just using the normal map.
Quick paint-over to make sure it still looks like my initial concept and not straying to far away from the character im trying to bring through.

The arms took me a little longer than expected i found there quite tri dense because of the nature of the folds and the torn pieces, but i can always go back and reduce them if i thinks its to much on the finished product.

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