Monday 10 February 2014

temujin concepts

I already new the look i was going to go for with my character s main issue was giving him a interesting outfit and different ways of bruising his face up to look like toe lui has beaten him up. 
So i did some quick thumbnails to get an idea for the costume even thought the design is very simplistic because toe lui had taken away most of his things and striped away his furs. I did some more research into the clothing and the winter the clothes almost look waxy and thick to keep out the cold.
Bruises ideas for reference i looked allot of real cuts and bruises mainly from boxing and to see the different in time from first impact swelling to left for days to bleed and crust over which should give more some interesting design detail's. 

Finished some quick orthographic s for the base of my character so i could start sculpting and then build up accessory and the belt line on top later. 
And some sketches for temujin's props his main thing being his bow and quiver

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