Wednesday 12 February 2014

sculpt updates

 Once the concepting was finished i moved onto to the sculpting phase mainly just blocking out the design in the beginning to get a solid foundation to start with.
 One of the main struggles ive been having with my characters in this project is making them look authentic  and realistic. Modeling the character bald i find draw the design away from my initial concept so i need to keep in mind how the face looks underneath the facial hair.
 More updates working through the folds as that was one of my main issue's in the last character again there starting to look clumby. The idea for the fabic is more of a waxy waterproof material rather than wool which is more what it look like at the moment. Also was pointed out to me in my feedback that hes looking atm to similar to the first character because of his size, so im going to try make him alot Skinner and take some time working into the fabric tearing the material to help brake up the silhouette an go for the beaten up look im going for.

Starting to brake up the symmetry in the face and really bring out the swollen features and blood crusting in areas of his face. the main focus for the bruised part of his face will be on the left side and his left eye being nearly completely closed.

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