Friday 2 May 2014

final polish and starting/fly through

the final week of my fmp project has come the main things i need to do this week is generally just finish everything of all the little tweaks i need to for my final level. the main thing i want to put my attention to this week is my presentation so my fly through and screenshots. and really good video show reel of my project.
I decided to go back to my character animation and just polish them all up and make sure they all loop well and no glitches so the viewer isn't snapped back to reality when they play through my level. especially toelui animation because hes seated right by the fire and is a big vocal point in the level so i wanted to go for a very simple just warming his hand by the flame and shivering every now and again to bring some life to him.
I decided to add a flicker to fire to bounce of the characters which i found helped a lot . I worked on the mood and fire light color more because i dint think it was as real as i could get it but with it flickering and changing the color around it made a big difference. 
with my finishing touches i need to make some big decision what looks good and what needs to stay after some feedback i found that dead horse is to distracting from my project and and is hard to understand unless you know the narrative of my project which not all viewers will.
Starting of in a dark forest was confusing for some players and i found through testing people dint always walk into the right direction so add more of a path i made some torches to guide the viewer to the center of my level.

 Posed turnstiles 
For my presentation i wanted some good turnarounds of my models from different angles and views like wire view and ambient occlusion maps.

I decided to use premier pro to put together my video footage and try and come up with a professional looking product for my final piece and for my portfolio.
I found it a quite easy way to just import my footege in and peice together easily with a soundtrack.

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